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Tag Archives: transitional provisions

Constitution of Egypt (2007)

Sections: 1: The State 2: Social and Moral Constituents, Economic Constituents 3: Public Freedoms, Rights and Duties 4: Sovereignty of the Law 5: The Head of the State, The People’s Assembly, The Executive Authority, The Judiciary Authority, The Supreme Constitutional Court, The Socialist Public Prosecutor, The Armed Forces and The National Defence Council, The Police [...]

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Constitution of Kazakhstan (2011)

Sections: 1: General Provisions 2: The Individual and Citizen 3: The President 4: The Parliament 5: The Government 6: The Constitutional Council 7: Court and Justice 8: Local public administration and self-administration 9: Concluding and transitional provisions Download the Constitution in English

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Constitution of Iraq (2005)

Sections: Preamble Fundamental Principles Rights and Liberties Federal Powers Powers of the Federal Government Powers of the Regions Final and Transitional Provisions Download the Constitution in Arabic Download the Constitution in English

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