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Constitution of Afghanistan – 10: Amendments

Chapter Ten: Amendments Article 149 The principles of adherence to the tenets of the Holy religion of Islam as well as Islamic Republicanism shall not be amended. Amending fundamental rights of the people shall be permitted only to improve them. Amending other articles of this Constitution, with due respect to new experiences and requirements of [...]

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Constitution of Afghanistan – 9: State of Emergency

Chapter Nine: State of Emergency Article 143 If because of war, threat of war, serious rebellion, natural disasters or similar conditions, protection of independence and national life become impossible through the channels specified in this Constitution, the state of emergency shall be proclaimed by the President, throughout the country or part thereof, with endorsement of [...]

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Constitution of Afghanistan

Sections: 1: State 2: Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens 3: The President 4: Government 5: National Assembly 6: Loya Jirga 7: The Judiciary 8: Administration 9: State of Emergency 10: Amendments 11: Miscellaneous Provisions 12: Transitional Provisions Download the Constitution in English Download the Constitution in Dari Pashto

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