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Tag Archives: liberties

Constitution of Algeria (1996) – 4: Constitution Revision

Article 174 (1) Constitutional revision is decided on the initiative of the President of the Republic. It is voted, in the same manner, in accordance with the same conditions applied to a legislative text by the People’s National Assembly and the Council of Nation. (2) It is submitted to a referendum to be approved by [...]

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Constitution of Egypt – 4: Sovereignty of the Law

Chapter four: Sovereignty of the Law Art.64: The Sovereignty of the law is the basis of State rule. Art.65: The State shall be subject to law. The independence and immunity of the judicature are two basic guarantees to safeguard rights and liberties. Art.66: Penalty shall be personal. There shall be no crime or penalty except by [...]

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Constitution of Iraq (2005)

Sections: Preamble Fundamental Principles Rights and Liberties Federal Powers Powers of the Federal Government Powers of the Regions Final and Transitional Provisions Download the Constitution in Arabic Download the Constitution in English

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