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Tag Archives: islamic jurisprudence

Personal Status Law No. 188 of Iraq (1959) – General Provisions

Law № (188) of the year 1959 Personal Status Law*  and amendments *.Law № (188) of the year 1959 was published in the Iraqi official gazette (Alwaqai Aliraqiya), issue № 280 dated December 30, 1959.In the name of the people,   The Sovereignty Council, Following the reading of the Temporary Constitution and according to what was proposed by the [...]

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Constitution of Egypt – 2: Social and Moral Constituents, Economic Constituents

Chapter two Part One: Social and Moral Constituents Art.7: Social solidarity is the basis of society. Art.8: The State shall guarantee equality of opportunity to all Egyptians. Art.9: The family is the basis of the society founded on religion, morality and patriotism. The State is keen to preserve the genuine character of the Egyptian family- [...]

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Constitution of Afghanistan – 7: The Judiciary

Chapter Seven: The Judiciary Article 116 The judiciary shall be an independent organ of the state of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The judiciary shall be comprised of one Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal as well as Primary Courts whose organization and authority shall be regulated by law. The Supreme Court shall be the highest [...]

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