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Tag Archives: islam

Personal Status Law No.188 of Iraq (1959) – 2: Marriage

Section 1 – Forbidden Women & Marriage to Women Belonging to the People of the Book Article 12 In order for the marriage to be sound, the woman must not be lawfully forbidden to the man who wants to marry her. Article 13 Prohibition of marriage is divided into two parts: permanent and temporary. While [...]

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Constitution of Tunisia (2008) – 3: The Executive Power

CHAPTER THREE  THE EXECUTIVE POWER Article 37 The executive power shall be exercised by the President of the Republic assisted by a Government under the direction of a Prime Minister. Section I The President of the Republic Article 38 The President of the Republic shall be the Head of the State. His religion shall be [...]

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Constitution of Algeria – Preamble

Preamble The Algerian people are a free people, decided to remain free. Algeria’s history is a long chain of battles which have made Algeria forever a country of freedom and dignity. Placed in the heart of the great moments which the Mediterranean has known in the course of its history, Algeria has found in its sons, from the [...]

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