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Personal Status Law No.188 of Iraq (1959) – 8: Bequeathing

Section 1 – The Will* *The expression (…. and inheritance) mentioned in the heading of Section 1 of Chapter 8 of the law was cancelled by virtue of the first amendment law № 11 of the year 1963. Article 64 The will is the disposition of the legacy after the death of the testator, intended [...]

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Personal Status Law No. 188 of Iraq (1959) – 1: Marriage

Chapter 1 – Marriage Section 1 – Marriage and Betrothal Article 3 1- Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman who is lawfully permissible to him, the purpose of which is to establish a bond for a mutual life and procreate children. 2- If the marriage contract has been initiated, the two [...]

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Jordanian Penal Code No.16 of 1960 (selected provisions relating to women) – 1: Title VI – Chapter II – Offences against the Family

Article 279: Offences Relating to Marriage A prison sentence for a period of one (1) to six (6) months shall be imposed upon any person who: Knowingly performed, or assisted in performing, a marriage ceremony in contradiction with the provisions of the Family Rights Law, or any other law that applies to the spouses; or, [...]

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