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Constitution of Pakistan – 2: Fundamental Rights

PART II Fundamental Rights and Principles of Policy 7. Definition of the State 7. In this Part, unless the context otherwise requires, “the State” means the Federal Government, 3[Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)], a Provincial Government, a Provincial Assembly, and such local or other authorities in Pakistan as are by law empowered to impose any tax or cess. CHAPTER 1. – [...]

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Constitution of Algeria – 2: The People

CHAPTER TWO  THE PEOPLE Article 6 The people shall be the source of all authority. National sovereignty shall rest exclusively in the people. Article 7 The constituent power shall belong to the people. The people shall exercise sovereignty through the institutions which they shall establish. The people shall exercise  sovereignty by means of the referendum and through elected representatives. The [...]

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Constitution of Pakistan

Sections: Preamble Part I 1: Introduction Part II – Fundamental Rights and Principles of Policy 2: Fundamental Rights 3: Principles of Policy Part III – The Federation of Pakistan 4: The President 5: The Majlis-E-Shoora (Parliament) 6: The Federal Government Part IV – Provinces 7: The Governors 8: Provincial Assemblies 9: The Provincial Governments Part [...]

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