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Tag Archives: custody

Personal Status Law No.188 of Iraq (1959) – 8: Bequeathing

Section 1 – The Will* *The expression (…. and inheritance) mentioned in the heading of Section 1 of Chapter 8 of the law was cancelled by virtue of the first amendment law № 11 of the year 1963. Article 64 The will is the disposition of the legacy after the death of the testator, intended [...]

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Personal Status Law No.188 of Iraq (1959) – 6: Procreation and its Results

Section 1 – Kinship Article 51 A woman’s child is regarded as the descendent of her husband based on the following two conditions: 1- The duration of the marriage is at least as long as the duration of the pregnancy. 2- Intercourse between the two spouses is possible. Article 52 1- The acknowledgment of kinship [...]

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