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Constitution of Tunisia (2008) – 9: The Constitutional Council

CHAPTER NINE[48] THE CONSTITUTIONAL COUNCIL Article 72[49] The Constitutional Council shall examine the Bills which are submitted to it by the President of the Republic for their conformity or compatibility with the Constitution. The submission is compulsory for Institutional Bills, for Bills referred to in Article 47 of the Constitution, as well as for Bills [...]

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Constitution of Algeria – 11: Transitory Provisions

TITLE IV CONCERNING CONSTITUTIONAL REVISION Article 174 A constitutional revision shall be undertaken on the initiative of the President of the Republic. It shall be voted in identical terms by the People’s National Assembly and the Council of the Nation in the same conditions as a statutory text. It shall be submitted by referendum to the approval of [...]

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Constitution of Kazakhstan (2011)

Sections: 1: General Provisions 2: The Individual and Citizen 3: The President 4: The Parliament 5: The Government 6: The Constitutional Council 7: Court and Justice 8: Local public administration and self-administration 9: Concluding and transitional provisions Download the Constitution in English

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