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Constitution of Algeria (1996)

Preamble   Sections: General Provisions Organization of Powers Control and Consultative Institutions Constitution Revision Transitional Provisions

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Constitution of Algeria – Preamble

Preamble The Algerian people are a free people, decided to remain free. Algeria’s history is a long chain of battles which have made Algeria forever a country of freedom and dignity. Placed in the heart of the great moments which the Mediterranean has known in the course of its history, Algeria has found in its sons, from the [...]

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Constitution of Algeria (2008)

Sections: Preamble Title I: The General Principles Governing Algerian Society 1: Algeria 2: The People 3: The State 4: Concerning the Rights and Liberties Title II: The Organization of Powers 5: The Duties 6: The Executive Power 7: The Legislative Power 8: The Judicial Power Title III: The Judicial Power 9: Control 10: The Consultative [...]

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