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Personal Status Law No.188 of Iraq (1959) – 7: Maintenance of Descendants, Ascendants and Relatives

Article 58

Each person shall be provided with maintenance from his own money except for the wife who shall be provided with maintenance by the husband.

Article 59

1- If the child does not have money of his own, his father shall provide for his needs as long as the latter is not poor and incapable of earning money.

2- Parents shall provide for their children, until the girl gets married and the boy reaches a stage where his peers are earning money, provided that he is not still a student.

3- The eldest child who is incapable of earning money shall be treated as the youngest child.

Article 60

1- If the father is incapable of providing maintenance to his child, it shall be incumbent on whoever is responsible for the child’s maintenance in a case whether the child has no father.

2- This maintenance shall be a debt owed to the provider of maintenance that the father shall settle if his financial situation improves.

Article 61

A rich child, whether the eldest or the youngest, is bound to provide his poor parents with maintenance even if they were capable of earning their living as long as the father did not show an obstinacy in choosing unemployment.

Article 62

The maintenance of each poor person incapable of earning a living shall be incumbent on his rich relatives who inherit from him, according to the percentage of inheritance they are entitled to.

Article 63
The maintenance of relatives shall be adjudicated as of the date of litigation.

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