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Personal Status Law No.188 of Iraq (1959) – 5: The Waiting Period (Iddat)

Article 47 – The wife must observe a waiting period called iddat in the two following cases:

1- If she and her husband are separated after consummation, whether through revocable divorce, minor or major irrevocable divorce, legal separation, annulment, peaceful suspension, or choice of termination.
2- If her husband died, even is such death occurred before consummation.

Article 48

1- In cases of divorce and annulment, the waiting period of the woman whose marriage was consummated takes three possible forms.

2- If the woman reached puberty but has never menstruated, her iddat after separation shall be of three full months.

3- The iddat of the woman whose husband is deceased is four months and ten days. If a woman is pregnant woman, she must observe an iddat of four months or for the period remaining until delivery of her child, whichever is longer.

4- If the husband of a divorcee dies while she is still in her iddat, the latter must observe the death iddat and the previous period shall not be counted.

Article 49

The waiting period starts immediately after divorce, separation or death even if the woman had no knowledge of the divorce or death.

Article 50

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