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Nationality Law No. 6 of Jordan (1954, 1987 Amendment) – 3: Naturalization

Chapter 3 – Naturalization

Article 12

Any person other than a Jordanian who is not incapable by law may apply to the Council of Ministers for grant of a certificate of Jordanian naturalization if:

(1)He has been regularly resident in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for a period of four years preceding the date of his application;

(2)He intends to reside in the Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan.

Article 13

(1)The Council of Ministers may grant or reject an application for naturalization under article 12 of this Law.

(2)The Council of Ministers may, subject to the approval of his Majesty the King, waive the requirement of four years’ previous residence if the applicant is an Arab or if, for some special reason, his naturalization is in the public interest.

(3)A certificate of Jordanian naturalization shall not be granted to any person unless he loses by such naturalization the nationality he possessed at the date thereof.

(4)A certificate of naturalization shall not be granted to any person who acquired Jordanian nationality by naturalization and who later lost the same by opting to acquire the nationality of a foreign State.

(5)A certificate of naturalization granted by the Council of Ministers shall bear the signature of the Minister of Internal Affairs or his deputy.

Article 14

A person who acquires Jordanian nationality shall be deemed to be a Jordanian in every respect, but he may not hold any political or diplomatic position or any public office prescribed by the Council of Ministers and may not become a member of the State Council for at least 10 years after acquiring Jordanian nationality. He shall be eligible for nomination to a municipal or village council or to trade union office only after a period of at least five years has elasped as from his acquisition of Jordanian nationality. 

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