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Nationality Law No. 5901 of Turkey (2009) – 5: Miscellaneous Provisions

Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Article 42- (1) Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus who apply to acquire Turkish citizenship shall acquire citizenship provided that they declare their wish in written.

(2) For those who acquired citizenship of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus afterwards, the provisions stipulated in Article 11 shall be applied.

Those who lost citizenship under Law No. 403
Article 43-(1) In accordance with clauses (a), (ç), (d), and (e) of Article 25 of Law no. 403, which is annulled, persons who lost Turkish citizenship shall be re-naturalized upon the decision of the Council of Ministers regardless of the residence condition, provided that there is not any circumstance that forms an obstacle to national security and public order.

Multi Citizenship
Article 44-(1) With regard to the persons who acquire the citizenship of a foreign state for any reason, in case they submit documents showing their status and following the inquiry to be launched, in case it is determined that the individual is the same individual as contained in the records, an explanatory note shall be attached to the birth (civil) registry book stating that the relevant individual has multiple citizenship.

Service cost of citizenship procedures
Article 45-(1) Payment for service costs regarding procedures for subsequent acquisition of Turkish citizenship (after birth) shall be set out jointly by the Ministry and the Ministry of Finance. Collected amount of service costs shall be registered as revenue in the budget.

(2) According to the Income Tax Law No. 193, those who do not have any income and their minor children shall not pay the service cost in accordance with paragraph one.

Article 46-(1) Procedures and principles regarding the implementation of this Law shall be stipulated by the regulation which is to be issued by the Council of Ministers.

Legislation and References which are annulled
Article 47-(1) Turkish Citizenship Law No 403 and dated 11/2/1964, the term ‘province and sub-province” used in clause 2 of Article 22 of the Population Services Law No 5490 and dated 24/4/2006 are annulled.
(2)References made to the Turkish Citizenship Law No 403 and dated 11/2/1964 in the other legislation shall be understood to be made to this Law.

Aliens who are of Turkish Descent
Provisional Article 1- (1) For aliens who are of Turkish descent, residence period foreseen in clause (b) of the first paragraph of Article 11 shall be applied as two years until 31/12/2010.

Implementation of Current Regulation
Provisional Article 2- (1) The regulation foreseen in Article 46 shall be prepared and put into force within 6 months. Until this regulation enters into force, the provisions of the existing regulations which are not in contradiction with this Law shall continue to apply.

Entry into Force
Article 48 (1)-This Law shall enter into force on the day of its publication. Implementation

Article 49 (1)-The Council of Ministers is empowered to implement the provisions of this Law.