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Nationality Law No. 5901 of Turkey (2009) – 4: Common Provisions

Proving of Turkish Citizenship
Article 36-(1) The act of proving Turkish citizenship shall not be restricted to any pattern.
(2) The official papers and documents mentioned below shall constitute valid evidence that the person concerned is a Turkish citizen, until the contrary is established.

a. Certificate of birth
b. Identification certificates
c. Passport or documents, which can substitute a passport.

(3) If there is doubt as to whether or not a person is a Turkish citizen, the Ministry of Interior Affairs shall be consulted on this matter.

Authority to be applied for actions regarding citizenship and procedure
Article 37-(1) Applications regarding acquisition or loss of Turkish citizenship should be made directly to the Governorate of the province where s/he resides or to the Diplomatic Representations abroad. Applications should be made individually or by a power of attorney for the use of this right.

Request for information and document
Article 38-(1) Information and documents on the investigations and examinations regarding citizenship procedures shall be provided without any delay by public organizations and institutions.

Rectification of material defects
Article 39-(1) If it is subsequently understood that there was a material defect in the decision taken in accordance with this law, the decision making authority decides to rectify or amend the defect (error).

Withdrawal of the citizenship decisions
Article 40-(1) Decisions regarding acquisition or loss of Turkish citizenship shall be recovered (withdrawn) if it is subsequently understood that it is given in a repetitious manner or without having legal conditions.

Article 41-(1) Decisions regarding acquisition or loss of Turkish citizenship shall be notified to the concerned person and the authorities where the application is lodged. In accordance with Article 29, decisions of loss shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be considered as notified on the date it is published.

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