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Constitution of Morocco – 4: The Government


Article 59
The Government shall be composed of the Prime Minister and Ministers.

Article 60
The Government shall be answerable to the King and the Parliament. After the appointment of the Cabinet members by the King, the Prime Minister shall appear before each one of the two Houses, to submit the program to be carried out. Such a program shall clearly outline the policy to be adopted by the Government in various areas of national activity, namely in economic, social, cultural and foreign affairs. This program shall come under discussion in each one of the two Houses. At the House of Representatives, it shall be put to the vote in accordance with the provisions stipulated in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article  75, and with the implications accounted for in the last paragraph of the same Article.

Article 61
Under the Prime Minister’s responsibility, the Government shall ensure the execution of the laws. All public facilities shall be placed at the Government’s disposal.

Article 62
The Prime Minister shall have the right to introduce bills. No draft bill shall be tabled, by his Department, in one of the two Houses before it is debated in a Cabinet meeting.

Article 63
The Prime Minister shall exercise the administrative powers. Decrees endorsed by the Prime Minister shall be countersigned by the Ministers responsible for the implementation thereof.

Article 64
The Prime Minister may delegate some of his powers to the Ministers.

Article 65
The Prime Minister shall be responsible for the co-ordination of ministerial

Article 66
The Cabinet shall be notified of the following, before any relevant decision is

  1. matters related to general policies of the State;
  2. declaration of martial law
  3. declaration of war;
  4. requesting confidence from the House of representatives to allow the Government to carry out their responsibilities further;
  5. draft bills, before they are brought to one of the two Houses;
  6. statutory decrees,
  7. decrees mentioned in Articles 40, 41, 45 and 55 of this Constitution;
  8. draft plan;
  9. projects for revising this Constitution

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