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Constitution of Jordan – 9: Enforcement and Repeal of Laws





Article 128

All laws, regulations and other legislative acts in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the date on which this Constitution comes into force shall continue to be in force until they are repealed or amended by the legislation issued thereunder.


Article 129

(i) The Constitution of Jordan issued on the 7th December, 1946, together with all amendments thereto, are hereby repealed.

(ii) The Palestine Order-in-Council for the Year 1922 and the amendments thereto are hereby repealed.

(iii) The repeals referred to in the preceding two paragraphs shall not affect the validity of any law or regulation made or act done thereunder prior to the coming into force of the provisions of the present Constitution.


Article 130

The provisions of the present Constitution shall come into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.


Article 131

The Council of Ministers shall be charged with the execution of the provisions of the present Constitution




Tawfiq Abul Huda

Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sa’id El-Mufti

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior

Mohammad Amin Shanqiti

Chief Justice

Ruhi Abdul Hadi

Minister of Education

Suleiman Sukkar

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