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Constitution of Egypt – 1: State

Constitutional Proclamation
We, the people of Egypt, who have been toiling on this glorious land since the dawn of history and civilization, we the people working in Egypt’s villages, fields, cities, factories, centers of education and industry in any field of work which contributes to the creation of life on its soil or plays a part in the honour of defending this land

We, the people who believe in its spiritual and immortal heritage and who are confident in our profound faith and cherish the honour of man and of humanity at large,

We, the people who in addition to preserving the legacy of history, bear the responsibility of great present and future objectives whose seeds are embedded in the long and arduous struggle, with which the banners of liberty, socialism and unity have bee hoisted along the great march of the Arab Nation,

We, the Egyptian people, in the name of God and with His assistance pledge to indefinitely and unconditionally exert every effort to realise:-

Peace to our world
Being determined that peace can only be based on justice and that political and social progress of all peoples can only be realized through the freedom and independent will of these peoples, and that any civilization is not worthy of its name unless it is free from exploitation whatever its form.

The hope of our Arab Nation being certain that Arab Unity is a call of history and future and an inevitable destiny which can only materialize through an Arab Nation capable of warding off any threat whatever may be the source or the pretexts justifying it.

The Constant Development Of Life In Our Nation
Being convinced that the true challenge confronting nations is the realization of progress and that such progress does not occur automatically or through slogans alone, but that the driving force behind it is the release of all potentials of creativity and originality in our people, who have asserted at all times their contribution to civilization and humanity through work alone.

Our people have passed through successive experiences, meantime offering rich experiences on both the national and international levels, by which they have been guided. These experiences finally took shape in the basic documentations of the July, 23rd Revolution led by the alliance of the working forces of our struggling people. This people have been able, through deep awareness and refined sensibility, to retain the genuine core of this revolution and to continuously rectify its path and to realize through it full integration between science and faith, political and social freedom, national independence and affiliation on the one hand and the worldwide struggle of humanity for political economic, cultural and intellectual freedom and the fight against all forces and remnants of regression domination and exploitation on the other hand.

Freedom For The Humanity Of The Egyptian Man
Having realized that man’s humanity and dignity are the torches that guide and direct the course of the enormous development of mankind towards its supreme ideals.

The dignity of every individual is natural reflection of the dignity of his nation, for each individual is a cornerstone in the edifice of the homeland. This homeland derives its strength and prestige from the value of each individual, his activity and dignity.

The sovereignty of law is not only a guarantee for the freedom of the individual but is also the sole basis for the legality of authority.

The alliance of the popular working forces is not a means for social conflict towards historical development, it is, in this modern age, with its climate and ways, a safety valve protecting the unity of the working powers of the nation and eliminating contradictions within these forces through democratic interaction.

We the working masses of the people of Egypt – out of determination, confidence and faith in all our national and international responsibilities, and in acknowledgment of God’s right and His messages, and in recognition of the right of our nation as well as of the principle and responsibility of mankind, and in the name of God and with His assistance – declare on the Eleventh of September 1971 that we accept and grant ourselves this Constitution, asserting our firm determination to defend and protect it, assuring our respect for it.


Chapter one: The State

Art.1*: The Arab Republic of Egypt is a Socialist Democratic State based on the alliance of
the working forces of the people. The Egyptian people are part of the Arab Nation and work
for the realization of its comprehensive unity.

Art.2*: Islam is the Religion of the State. Arabic is its official language, and the principal
source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).

Art.3: Sovereignty is for the people alone who will practise and protect this sovereignty and
safeguard national unity in the manner specified by the Constitution

Art.4*: The economic foundation of the Arab Republic of Egypt is the socialist democratic
system based on sufficiency and justice, in a manner preventing exploitation, narrowing the
gap between incomes, protecting legitimate earnings and guaranteeing justice in the
distribution of public responsibilities and expenditures.

Art.5*: The political regime of the Arab Republic of Egypt is based upon the multi-party
system within the framework of the basic principles and components of the Egyptian society
stipulated by the Constitution. Political parties shall be organized by law

Art.6: Egyptian Nationality is defined by law.
(*) Amended according to the result of the plebiscite on the constitutional amendment which was conducted on May, 22nd 1980

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