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Constitution of Algeria – Preamble


The Algerian people are a free people, decided to remain free. Algeria’s history is a long chain of battles which have made Algeria forever a country of freedom and dignity. Placed in the heart of the great moments which the Mediterranean has known in the course of its history, Algeria has found in its sons, from the time of the Numidian Kingdom and the epic of Islam to the colonial wars, its heralds of liberty, unity and progress at the same time as the builders of democratic and prosperous states in the periods of grandeur and of peace.

November 1, 1954 was one of the crowns of Algeria’s destiny, the result of its long resistance to the aggressions directed against its culture, its values and the fundamental components of its identity which are its Arab-ness [l’Arabité] and Amazighité [Al’ Mazighia]; the first of November solidly anchored the battles waged in the glorious past of the Nation.

United in the national movement afterwards in the breast of the National Liberation Front, the people have spilled their blood in order to assume their collective destiny in the liberty and recovered cultural identity and to endow Algeria with authentically popular institutions.

Crowning the people’s war by an independence paid for with the sacrifices of Algeria’s best children, the National Liberation Front restores finally, in all its fullness, a modern and sovereign State.

Its faith in the collective choices has permitted its people to achieve decisive victories, marked by the recovery of national riches and the construction of a State for its exclusive service, exercising its powers in all independence and security against external pressure.

Having always fought for freedom and democracy, the people intend, by this Constitution, to endow itself with institutions based on the participation of citizens in the conduct of public affairs and which realize social justice, equality and liberty of each and all.

In approving this Constitution, the work of its own genius, reflection of its aspirations, fruit of its determination and product of profound social mutations, the people expresses and consecrates more solemnly than ever the primacy of law.

The Constitution is, above all, the fundamental law which guarantees the rights and the individual and collective liberties, protects the rule of free choice of the people and confers legitimacy on the exercise of powers. It helps to assure the juridical protection and the control of action by the public powers in a society in which legality reigns and permits the development of man in all dimensions.

Strong in its spiritual values, deeply ingrained, and its traditions of solidarity and justice, the people is confident of its capacities to work fully for the cultural, social and economic progress of the world, today and tomorrow.

Algeria, land of Islam, integral part of the Great Maghreb Arab country, Mediterranean and African, is honored by the radiance of its Revolution of November 1 and the respect which the country has sought to achieve and preserve by reason of its commitment to all the just causes of the world.

The pride of the people, its sacrifices, its sense of responsibilities, its ancestral attachment to liberty and social justice are the best guarantees of the respect for the principles of this Constitution which it adopts and passes on to future generations, the worthy inheritors of the pioneers and the builders of a free society.

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