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Constitution of Algeria – 5: The Duties


Article 60
No one is excused as a result of ignorance of the law. Every person is under a duty to respect the Constitution and to conform to the laws of the Republic.

Article 61
Every citizen has the duty to protect and safeguard the independence of the country, its sovereignty and the integrity of its national territory, as well as all the attributes of the State. Treason, espionage, defection to the enemy, as well as all infractions committed against the security of the State shall punished with all the rigor of the law.

Article 62[4]
Every citizen must loyally discharge his obligations toward the national community. The dedication of the citizen to his fatherland and the obligation to contribute to its defense shall be sacred and permanent duties. The State shall guarantee respect for the symbols of the Revolution, the memory of the chouhada and the dignity of their rightful claimants and of the moudjahidine. Moreover, the State shall work for the promotion of the writing of history and its teaching to the younger generations.

Article 63
All rights which a person enjoys shall be exercised in a manner which is respectful of the rights conferred by the Constitution on others, and in particular of the right to honor, to the intimacy and the protection of the family, of youth and childhood.

Article 64
All citizens shall be equal with respect to taxation. Everyone must participate in the financing of public expenditure according to his or her abilities. No tax may be levied except by virtue of a statute. No tax, contribution, excise or right of any kind may be levied with retroactive effect.

Article 65
Statute shall uphold the rights of parents with regard to the education and protection of their children as well as the duty of the children to aid and assist their parents.

Article 66
Every citizen has the duty to protect public property and the interests of the national community and to respect the property of others.

Article 67
Every foreigner who resides legally on the national territory shall enjoy for his person and his goods the protection of the law.

Article 68
No one may be extradited except on the basis and application of an Extradition Act.

Article 69
In no case may a political refugee who is lawfully claiming the right of asylum be handed over or extradited.


[4] Last paragraph inserted by Article 3 of Constitutional Act No. 08-19 of November 15, 2008.

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