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Constitution of Algeria – 3: The State


Article 11
The State derives its legitimacy and its existence from the will of the people. Its motto shall be: “By the People and for the People.” It shall be at the exclusive service of the People.

Article 12
The sovereignty of the State shall extend to its territory, its air space and its waters. The State shall also exercise its sovereign right established by international law over each of its different zones of maritime space which belong to it.

Article 13
In no case may it abandon or alienate a part of the national territory.

Article 14
The State shall be founded on the principles of democratic organization and social justice. The elected assembly shall constitute the framework within which the will of the people and the control of the action of the public powers shall be exercised.

Article 15
The territorial communities are the commune and the wilaya. The commune is the basic community.

Article 16
The elected assembly shall constitute the basis of decentralization and the place for participation of the citizens in the conduct of public affairs.

Article 17
Public property shall be an asset of the national community. It shall encompass the subsoil, the mines and quarries, the sources of natural energy, the mineral, natural and living resources of the different zones, the national maritime zone, the waters and the forests. In addition, it shall be established with respect to railroad, maritime and air transports, the posts and telecommunications, as well as all other assets specified by an Act of Parliament.

Article 18
The national domain shall be defined by Act of Parliament. It shall comprise the public and private domains of the State, the wilaya and the commune. The management of the national domain shall be carried out in conformity with statute.

Article 19
The organization of external trade shall fall within the competence of the State. An Act of Parliament shall determine the conditions of the exercise and control of foreign trade.

Article 20
Expropriation cannot be undertaken except within the framework of an Act of Parliament. It shall give rise to prior, just and equitable compensation.

Article 21
The functions in State service institutions shall not constitute a source of enrichment or a means to serve private interests.

Article 22
The abuse of authority shall be punished by statute.

Article 23
The impartiality of the administration shall be guaranteed by statute.

Article 24
The State shall be responsible for the security of persons and possessions. It shall ensure the protection abroad of every citizen.

Article 25
The consolidation and the development of the potential for the defense of the Nation shall have its organizational focus in the National People’s Army. The National People’s Army shall have the permanent mission to safeguard national independence and the defense of national sovereignty. It is charged to ensure the defense of the unity and territorial integrity of the country, as well as the protection of the territory, its air space and the different zones of its maritime zone.

Article 26
Algeria shall not resort to war to attack the legitimate sovereignty and the liberty of other peoples. It shall endeavor to settle international differences by peaceful means.

Article 27
Algeria shall extend its solidarity to all peoples who are fighting for political and economic liberation, for the right of self determination and against all racial discrimination.

Article 28
Algeria shall work for the reinforcement of international cooperation and for the development of amicable relations between the states on the basis of equality, mutual interest and non-interference in internal affairs. It recognizes the principles and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations.

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