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Constitution of Algeria – 2: The People


Article 6
The people shall be the source of all authority. National sovereignty shall rest exclusively in the people.

Article 7
The constituent power shall belong to the people. The people shall exercise sovereignty through the institutions which they shall establish. The people shall exercise  sovereignty by means of the referendum and through elected representatives. The President of the Republic may have direct recourse to the expression of the will of the people.

Article 8
The people shall establish institutions which have as their objective:

  •  the safeguarding and the consolidation of national independence;
  •  the safeguarding and consolidation of national identity and national unity;
  • the protection of fundamental rights and the social and cultural development of the Nation;
  •  the suppression of the exploitation of man by man;
  • the protection of the national economy against all forms of embezzlement or misappropriation, hoarding or illegal confiscation.

Article 9
The institutions shall not indulge in:

  • feudal, regionalist and nepotist practices;
  • the establishments of relations of exploitation and bonds of dependency;
  • practices contrary to Islamic morals and the values of the November Revolution.

Article 10
The people shall choose their representatives freely. The representation of the people shall have no other limits than those specified in the Constitution and the electoral law.

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