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Constitution of Algeria (1996) – 5: Transitional Provisions

Article 179

The legislative body in office at the date of the promulgation of the present Constitution and up to the end of its mandate, the President of the Republic at the end of the legislative body’s mandate and up to the election of the People’s National Assembly, legislate through ordinances including the domains pertaining to organic laws.

Article 180

Awaiting the setting up of the institutions provided for in the present Constitution:

- the laws in force pertaining to the organic domain remain applicable up to their replacement or modification in accordance with the procedures provided for by the Constitution;

- the Constitutional Council, with its present representation, assumes the prerogatives bestowed upon it by the present Constitution up to the time of setting up institutions represented in its midst. Any modification or addition should be subject to Article 164 (paragraph 3) of the present Constitution, resorting, if necessary, to drawing lots;

- the elected People’s National Assembly will assume full legislative power until the Council of Nation is set up; However the President of the Republic may delay the promulgation of the laws adopted by the deputies until their adoption by the Council of Nation.

Article 181

The renewal of half (1/2) the members of the Council of Nation during the first mandate is carried out at the end of the third year by drawing lots. Members of the Council of Nation are replaced by drawing lots in the same conditions and following the same procedure of their election or appointment. However, drawing lots does not concern the President of the Council of Nation who assumes the first mandate of six (06) years.

Article 182

The President of the Republic promulgates the constitutional revision text approved by the people and which will be carried out as the fundamental law of the Republic.