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Constitution of Algeria (1996) – 4: Constitution Revision

Article 174

(1) Constitutional revision is decided on the initiative of the President of the Republic. It is voted, in the same manner, in accordance with the same conditions applied to a legislative text by the People’s National Assembly and the Council of Nation.

(2) It is submitted to a referendum to be approved by the People within fifty (SO) days following its adoption.

(3) The Constitutional revision, approved by the People is promulgated by the President of the Republic.

Article 175

(1) The law pertaining to the draft constitutional revision not approved by the People is void.

(2) It cannot be submitted again to the People during the same legislature.

Article 176

When the Constitutional Council considers that the draft constitutional revision does not infringe, at all, upon the general principles governing the Algerian society, the human and citizen’s rights and liberties, or does not affect, in any way, the fundamental balance of powers and of institutions, the President of the Republic may promulgate, directly, the law pertaining to constitutional revision without submitting it to People’s referendum if it obtains the voices of three quarters (3/4) of the members of the two chambers of the Parliament.

Article 177

The three quarters (3/4) of the members of the two chambers of the Parliament meeting together can propose a constitutional revision and present it to the President of the Republic who can submit it to a referendum.

If approved, it is promulgated.

Article 178

Any constitutional revision cannot infringe on:

1. the republican nature of the State;

2. the democratic order based on multi-party system;

3. Islam as the religion of the State;

4. arabic as the national and official language;

5. fundamental liberties, and citizen’s rights;

6. integrity of the national territory.

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