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Citizenship Law of Afghanistan (1936) – 3: Administrative Remarks

Article 20:

All matters concerning certification and acceptance of citizenship, permission to leave the country and deprivation of citizenship shall rest with the authority of the Council of Ministers.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall organize a committee whenever necessary to study matters concerning applications for citizenship and renunciation of citizenship and deprivation of the same. The committee shall then submit its report to the Council of Ministers for final decision and approval.

Article 21:

All preliminary steps concerning citizenship problems shall be conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the provisions of Article 20 above. The Ministry of Interior shall, however, be responsible for the verification of certificates and documents pertaining to internal affairs.

Article 22:

All provisions concerning the rules of citizenship in force before the publication of the present law shall be void.

Article 23:

The present law shall be in force from the date of its publication.